Terms and conditions

Menu Compartido offers their products on this website only to final consumers. A final consumer is a physical person that buys on www.menucompartido.com with purposes other than trade, business, and professional. Through this website, any purchase that has been done by someone that is not a final consumer, can’t be attended.

Menu Compartido reserves the right to modify the commercial offer on this website at any time (changes to prices, products, promotions and other commercial and service conditions). These changes do not affect in any way to purchases already made.

At prices that appear in www.menucompartido.com we add the relevant shipping costs.

With regard to intellectual property rights, as reflected in the States Boletín Oficial in Article 17  the rights of exploitation of the work correspond exclusively to the author, in this case, Menu Compartido. The Spanish Intellectual Property Act specifies that the purchase of the work gives the buyer the ownership of hardware incorporating the work but does not in any way acquire intellectual property (copyright and author) of the work itself. Reproduction and distribution is the exclusive right of the author, in this case Menu Compartido